Thursday, April 5, 2007

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow oh no!

okay then, its April 5th and we just had a blizzard.
yep, last week it was still cold, but the sun was shining, the ice all melted off the lake and we had hopes that around that corner, lay spring.
that wonderful seasons when the woodland flowers sprout up everywhere and every single bird sings.
and wham! Severe Blizzard Warnings!
my sister called me from Chicago, heading up here during the storm.
We all carry survival stuff in our cars up here and she was equipped.
she had no problems coming up, four wheel drives are the norm.
Well i decided that even though they were calling for snow for the NEXT THREE DAYS!
i wasn't going to let it bother me, know why?
well, because it REALLY is spring.
and the sun is now out until 8:30-9:00 at night as opposed to 5pm.
And i know the snow hasn't a chance to stay.
i see it falling from the sky and i know its history in my eyes.
its going to fade it cannot stay
i laugh in its face today!
Ha! no clever enemy are you! You have made your bed and you won't lay in it to!
Good bye cruel snow you cannot last
you are history , you are past.
because it is spring,know it or not.
upon this green earth, you will only spot.
the bears have woken from their slumber
the birds are singing in the forests
the buds on the trees are growing
and you can go head and keep blowing until you blow away,
i will not let you ruin my day
so blast your hide!
we only got 3 inches as opposed to the 12 inches they were calling for
i think we all put curses on it
and it fled in the night.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

st patty's day!

well, i have been sick for 2 weeks.
having had pneumonia many times, i had to stay in for two weeks with a bronchial
long long two weeks.
its st. patty's day today, and i am feeling great now.
can't really go out anywhere, so listening to live ireland!
how wonderful! what great music!
their taking request from around the world, playing the best stuff!
ihave just lately been finding old 'reel's" online that i can play in chords.
using a capo, way low it sounds a bit like a banjo and it is great fun to play the
music, like the "kerry reel" and those old stomping fiddling songs.
thank god for the internet or i may have lost my mind a long long time ago.
or perhaps i know , they say you don't know it if it happens to you, so don't worry about it.
whooo hooo. a couple of killians red, a silver goblet from my mothers old cupboard, set for special occasions, a little irish music, and the old winter nights of the U.P. seem quite tolerable.
So here's to my mom and dad
a couple that glowed with glee
to their flight in the skies of eternity.
to the ring of the irish reel
to the way it makes me dance on my heels.
to my irish great grand dad.
whose eyes were almost white
and his spirit such that could not die, yeah this night i see the whites of his eyes!
and celebrate where e'er i am.
and always sing this song.

It always has fasinated me...
the irish...and the scottish.
of all the people and races, that were taken over and blended in , by those stronger, more prominent ones.
these few little ones, the small little bit of folks, living on these islands, well they defied the world around them....they did.
they survived, they kept them out and more than that.
when they found they had to live, they influenced the whole world around them
can you say that about so many many races that have lived?
can ya say that about any small tribes?
where are they? were is their legacy, most were wiped out with the tides.
but not ireland, not scotland,
now there are some people there!
some very strong strong stubborn people!
i am happy to announce,
i am one of them. hee hee.
and tonight,i celebrate the plight of a few small folks that no one ever really got.
that the whole world the romans the english the europeans, never never against them could fully plot...
nope, instead around the world today, this small people make their play,
on all the streets of america, the people do parade.
with hats of green, and smiles that seem, irish in all ways.
To you dear Ireland, and all your roots and branches, spread out upon this earth.
i say THANKS, for a part of me has known you from my birth.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


the wind is howling wildly, taking down trees and whipping blankets of snow.
Mother Earth is shaking out her snow rugs, crack crack crack she whips them up and down
and the sound is heard from all angles around her.
our first real storm since october!
I was watching out the windows at work, and the lake disappeared in a matter of minutes, all you could see was white out there, then the buildings across the street could not be seen.
I was sitting at a table, drinking coffee, nice and cozy, nice and warm, feeling sorry for the ones
out there caught in it, watching the cars slowly make their way as the drivers cautiously strained to see anything at all.
A few minutes later, the ambulance siren rang a blasting shrill by the window as they raced through the blizzard to save some soul out there who didn't pay attention to the weather warnings.
Thats something that you really have to do up here. The weather, it is not just a passing conversational topic. it is IMPORTANT!
The helicopters and ambulance were out on the ice the other night.
but i guess someone just ran out of gas out there on the way to mackinac island!
well, better that nothing happened!
Yeah, winter hasn't been too bad this year, pretty mild, save for the month of subzero temps.
with the north wind, we were making it around in 25 below weather. when it finally hit thirty degrees , everyone was outside, some silly people were even wearing shorts .
Everyone goes crazy here, every winter. It is just a certainty, thats all.
LONG dark dreary days....too many of them.
Remember that saying from Jaws? ......Still water, White death?
up here we say:
Still Winter.....White death.
The highlight of the week of course is to read the police reports.
Which are hilarious comparitively speaking.
Police were called to so and so's house because their dog was barking all night.
that kind of thing.